Web Design

Web Design

Web Design


  • test task

Project Management

  • Built in Questions for Client
  • Client Questions (via Typeform and PDF)
  • Discuss Sitemap


  • Create Wireframes
  • Create Use Cases
  • Visual Inventory
  • Design Website
  • Element Collage
  • Discuss Design
  • Create Favicon

Front-End (HTML/CSS/JS)

  • Create Git repo for project
  • Create Development Sub-domain
  • Validate HTML
  • Validate CSS
  • Add Robots.txt file
  • Add dev environment to deploy

CMS (ExpressionEngine)

  • Install CMS (EE)
  • Set Up Fields, Categories & Channels
  • Set Up 404 page
  • Set Up sitemap.xml
  • Set Up SEO related fields in the channels

Content Strategy

  • Document Setup
  • Content Inventory
  • Content Audit
  • Content Map
  • SEO Checklist


  • Gain Access to Google Analytics
  • Gain Access to Facebook
  • Gain Access to Google Webmasters
  • Create Profile in Raven
  • Start Site Scan in Raven
  • Create initial report and verify content is as expected
  • Schedule reports for delivery
  • Make sure the contact information has schema.org tags

Project Launch

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Set up .htaccess redirects for old URLs
  • Redirect www.domain.com ➔ domain.com
  • Make sure DB file has a domain as a Case
  • Delete ll Test Data
  • Test contact form and change email address in EE to appropriate person
  • Submit Sitemap to Google Webmasters
  • Remove Disallow in Robots.txt


  • Dribbble
  • Twitter
  • Blog Post
  • Add To Our Site
  • Post Mortem on the Project

Punch List (finalizing and Bug reports)

  • Add favicon
  • SEO Checklist
  • Test Site in IE
  • Test Site in Firefox
  • Test Site in Chrome
  • Test Site in Safari
  • Change EE License Number